December 2018


ARGO is a navigational tool that allows you to project your navigational route onto your windshield.


  • Allow the user to navigate traffic with ease

  • Alleviate traffic from the source by directing routing

  • Improve public safety through assistive features

Target audience

  • Individuals age 21-60 who have basic literacy

  • Individuals owning cars that have advanced processing capabilities

  • Individuals who own internet connected phones

Technology Referenced

  • Augmented reality through the use of sensors along with simultaneous localization and mapping.

  • Voice recognition and Text to speech feedback

  • Transparent LCD windshields with low latency

    • toggling of adjustable chemiluminescence for night

      • Increases usability (contrast)

  • AGPS, high sensitivity antennas, sensors

    • Decrease triangulation time and decrease error ratio

    • Adaptable sensors to help the system respond to the environment (Light, sound, car state)

  • High performance computing

    • To project real time data at a minimum of 60 hertz refresh rate

      • Increases design aesthetic and responsiveness

Research Partner: Kurtis Alfafara




WIndshield Design

Wind Shield.png

UI Interface