October 2018

Problem Statement

Social media users want to be understood and connect with the people they’re close to, but they worry about what they post online. The existing methods that compensate for a lack of visual and sensory details that in-person conversations aren’t enough. People need a better option to help them say what they want to effectively and considerately.


We want to create an additional tool that integrates with the existing process of posting on social media.

No censorship, no judgement; this tool will just give people the extra help they want or need to feel confident and secure in what they’re posting.


SIYL: Stay In Your Lane

SIYL is intended to live within your digital communication methods. It helps you monitor and adjust your language as desired when writing emails, posts, texts, tweets, and more. Your message and intent are never altered or obscured; it’s simply a tool that’s intended as both a subtle reminder and gentle guide.

Research Partners: Hilda Rodriguez, Walker Sosa, Danielle Henderson


User Flow + Research