OnlineMedEd Summer Internship Work

Summer 2018


Since June 2018, I have had the privilege of working at OnlineMedEd as a design intern. All pictures will be uploaded once they are live on the site.

Digital Donor Wall

My first project with OME was to create a digital donor wall to showcase all the donors in four different tiers based on their monetary donations. The goal of the project was to allow users to see all the donors, distinguish each tier from the others, and search for their own name. Because each tier enabled the donors to receive different recognitions, such as their name or photo, I created a three column layout and designed each tier with a different height. This way as more people were added, the tiers could be added immediately to create a randomized layout with structure.

Check it out here:


Application Store Profile Gallery

I worked closely with the Creative Director and Chief Marketing Director in order to plan and design the series of photos and captions to showcase the applications best features and increase downloads.


I designed icons for the Metabolism, DNA, and Genetics topics for the lesson pages.

Promotional Bar and Administration Portal

I redesigned the promotional bar to fit in with the overall look of the website and make it look more incorporated. I created a set of different options for the bar such as decorations and colors. I also redesigned the Administration portal to create promotional bars. I rearranged the information, layout, and color scheme to make the page easier to navigate as well as look visually pleasing.